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Neoprene stoppers, solid, #12 (pk of 1LB )

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United Scientific's NST12-S Neoprene stoppers are the perfect solution for environments where regular rubber stoppers would not suffice. Made with synthetic green neoprene, these stoppers are incredibly resilient and have a long shelf life.

These neoprene stoppers are resistant to a variety of reagents and solvents and can withstand exposure to petroleum products and oils, as well as most inorganic acids and bases. The solid construction of the stoppers ensures that they fit snugly into any hole or opening, providing a tight seal to prevent leaks.

The NST12-S Neoprene stoppers are sold in one-pound bags, with an approximate quantity of five stoppers per pound. Each stopper has a top diameter of 64mm and a bottom diameter of 54mm, making it easy to find the perfect fit for any opening.

It's important to note that these stoppers come with a warning that they may contain materials known to the state of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. However, customers can rest assured that United Scientific takes safety seriously and ensures that all products meet strict safety standards.

Overall, if you're looking for a reliable and durable stopper for your laboratory or other environment, the United Scientific NST12-S Neoprene stoppers are an excellent choice. They're built to last, provide a tight seal, and can stand up to a variety of challenging conditions.
 United Scientific NST12-S Neoprene stoppers, solid, #12 (pk of 1LB )

Neoprene stoppers, solid, #12 (pk of 1LB )