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Nail Markers, 1 In. Square with 1/4 In. Center Hole, (Pack of 50)

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Mutual Industries' 14999-250 Nail Markers are an essential tool for any construction project. These markers are designed to easily identify the location of underground utilities, pipelines, cables, or any other hidden markers that need to be located during a construction or excavation project.

Made from high-quality materials, these nail markers are extremely durable and can withstand tough weather conditions. The markers measure 1 inch in square with a 1/4 inch center hole, ensuring they can be easily hammered into any surface. The center hole also allows for easy and accurate placement of the markers using a nail or stake.

With 50 markers per pack, these nail markers are essential for any construction project regardless of its size. They come in two-packs, making it easier to order more as needed. The bright color of the markers ensures they can be easily spotted from a distance, reducing the time and effort involved in locating hidden utilities or hidden markers.

The nail markers are ideal for use by surveyors, contractors, engineers, excavators, and anyone involved in a construction project. They are suitable for marking utilities and buried treasure sites, and can also come in handy on farm land, marking property bounds or identifying buried irrigation lines. The square shape of the markers allows for easy reading of any information that may be written or engraved onto them.

In conclusion, the Mutual Industries 14999-250 Nail Markers are a vital tool for any construction project. Built for durability and longevity, these markers will not only save time in locating hidden markers, but they also prevent damage to underground utilities, keeping both worker and infrastructure safe. It's a no-brainer, add the Mutual Industries 14999-250 Nail Markers to your toolbox today.
 Mutual Industries 14999-250 Nail Markers, 1 In. Square with 1/4 In. Center Hole, (50/ Pk)

Nail Markers, 1 In. Square with 1/4 In. Center Hole, (Pack of 50)