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Micropipette tips, low retention, pp, 100 - 1000 microliter (pk of 500)

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The United Scientific P10006 Micropipette tips are a high-quality and cost-effective solution for those in need of low retention pipette tips for their laboratory. Designed with precision in mind, these tips are perfect for reducing sample retention, making them ideal for viscous samples and ensuring greater accuracy and reproducibility in your research.

Key to these tips' effectiveness is their low retention level, which is 10 times less than standard pipette tips. This makes them perfect for precise measurements, avoiding the loss of valuable samples, and preventing cross-contamination between different samples.

The homogeneous surface of these tips is free of defects, which helps to ensure that there is no non-specific binding. This further ensures the accuracy of your measurements and the consistency of your data, allowing you to trust the results you obtain.

Made from ultrapure USP Class VI certified, virgin polypropylene, these tips are also DNase, RNase, and Pyrogen free, which makes them ideal for sensitive applications that require pristine conditions. The natural color of these tips is perfect for those who want to avoid any dyes or pigments that may contaminate their samples.

With a tip size of 100-1000 μl and a quantity per pack of 500, these tips are suitable for use in a variety of applications, making them a versatile and reliable option for any laboratory. With United Scientific's commitment to quality, you can trust that these tips will meet your needs and provide accurate results every time.

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 United Scientific P10006 Micropipette tips, low retention, pp, 100 - 1000 microliter (pk of 500)

Micropipette tips, low retention, pp, 100 - 1000 microliter (pk of 500)