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Meiosis manipulatives kit

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The United Scientific MEIKIT Meiosis Manipulatives Kit is a one-stop solution for teachers who are looking for a comprehensive package to teach meiosis effectively. Meiosis, an abstract concept, poses challenges for students and teachers alike, which require visual and tactile models to enhance understanding. We have solved this problem for you by designing, testing, and refining the kit in classrooms to meet the needs of students.

The kit includes thirty large chromosomes arranged in five colorful sets that can be easily seen on the board even from the back of the classroom. Each set consists of a maternal and paternal homolog with four sister chromatids. The alleles and parental lineage are clearly identified, and the fifth set has removable alleles for demonstrating cross-over. These teacher demonstration models provide an excellent reference for students for understanding the exchange process of maternal and paternal alleles during cross-over.

Students can carry out teacher-directed assignments at their desk using their smaller sets of chromosomes. As there are no consumables, the kit can be used over and over again, providing excellent value for money. The instructional CD and Teacher Manual provide easy-to-follow instructions and pictures to guide you through using the kit for the first time. We have also included recommended student activity and assessment options and a student activity sheet that can be copied.

The United Scientific MEIKIT Meiosis Manipulatives Kit promises to make teaching meiosis an enjoyable experience for both students and teachers. It is a complete package that makes the complex biological process of meiosis come alive in the classroom. The shipping weight of the kit is 7 lbs., and its dimensions are 21" x 19" x 5".

Please note that while using the kit, it is essential to follow the instructions carefully and maintain necessary safety precautions. The kit contains materials that may pose a risk of cancer and reproductive harm. Therefore, it is essential to read and follow the warning labels carefully.
 United Scientific MEIKIT Meiosis manipulatives kit

Meiosis manipulatives kit