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Measuring cylinder, pmp, class a, 100ml

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The United Scientific P50504 Measuring Cylinder is the perfect tool for accurate and precise measurements of liquids in a laboratory setting. Made from high-quality Polymethylpentene, this cylinder boasts glass-like clarity, making it easy to read and measure liquids accurately. The molded-in graduations ensure that the measurements are clear, making it easy to get the right amount every time.

The hexagonally-shaped base adds extra stability, helping to prevent any spills or accidents. The large spouts on the cylinder allow for smooth flow of liquids during pouring, ensuring accurate measurements every time. The cylinder is also autoclavable up to 121 degrees Celsius, making it easy to clean and sanitize.

The United Scientific P50504 Measuring Cylinder meets the accuracy requirements of Class A under DIN 12681, so you can be sure that your measurements are accurate and precise. The cylinder is supplied with a conformity test certificate that indicates the batch number and year of production, so you can be sure that you are using a high-quality product.

With a capacity of 100ml and a graduation interval of 1ml, this cylinder is perfect for laboratory use. The tolerance of ±0.5ml ensures that your measurements are within the required range. The cylinder stands at 258mm tall and is sold in packs of 3 to meet your laboratory needs.

Overall, the United Scientific P50504 Measuring Cylinder is a high-quality and reliable product that is perfect for laboratory use. With its glass-like clarity, accuracy, and stability, this measuring cylinder is the perfect tool for any laboratory that demands the highest level of precision and accuracy.

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 United Scientific P50504 Measuring cylinder, pmp, class a, 100ml

Measuring cylinder, pmp, class a, 100ml