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Loupe-style magnifier, 10x

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The United Scientific MFL010 Loupe-style magnifier is a durable and reliable tool that provides clear, close-up views for a variety of applications. Featuring a 10x magnification, this magnifier is ideal for examining small objects like jewelry, stamps, coins, and more. The lens is made from high-quality glass and measures 25mm in diameter, providing a crystal-clear view of even the tiniest details.

The robust black plastic frame of the United Scientific MFL010 Loupe-style magnifier ensures it can withstand regular use and rough handling, making it ideal for home, school, or professional use. The loupe is designed with a comfortable grip, ensuring a secure hold while in use. With its compact size, this magnifier is easy to carry around and is always ready to use.

Loupe magnifiers are a great option for those who need to perform close-up tasks and detailed inspections regularly. They are also useful for anyone who wants to appreciate the fine details of small objects that are not visible to the naked eye. Whether you are a hobbyist, a collector, or a professional conducting detailed work, the United Scientific MFL010 Loupe-style magnifier is an essential tool that will not disappoint.

One of the standout features of the United Scientific MFL010 Loupe-style magnifier is its affordability. Packed in a set of 12, this magnifier is a great value for money and offers a high-quality magnification option for anyone who needs it. Furthermore, its compact and lightweight design makes it an ideal tool for those who are always on-the-go.

The United Scientific MFL010 Loupe-style magnifier comes with a warning associated with the state of California - Cancer and Reproductive Harm. This indicates that it is not intended for children, pregnant women, or anyone who may be affected by exposure to this type of product.

Overall, the United Scientific MFL010 Loupe-style magnifier is an affordable, high-quality, and durable tool that provides clear and detailed views of small objects. It is ideal for anyone who needs to perform detailed tasks regularly or anyone who appreciates the intricate details of small objects.
 United Scientific MFL010 Loupe-style magnifier, 10x

Loupe-style magnifier, 10x