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Large demonstration prism set

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The United Scientific PST620 Large Demonstration Prism Set is an oversized set of 6 lenses and prisms expertly designed for conducting optics experiments in a classroom setting. The lenses are approximately 8" long, ensuring that the experiments are clearly visible from every corner of the room, making it perfect for educational purposes.

The set comes with a pre-attached magnetic backing, allowing you to mount the lenses and prisms onto magnetic chalk or marker boards with ease. This ensures that the set stays in place even during complicated experiments, eliminating any chance of mistake during the process.

The activity guide included with the set makes it suitable for everyone, including beginners, advanced level students, and experts. The guide provides useful information on how to use the set to carry out several experiments demonstrating different optical phenomena.

The United Scientific PST620 Large Demonstration Prism Set comes in a sturdy wooden storage case, ensuring that the set is well-protected and easy to store. The case is well-constructed and has enough room to house all the lenses and prisms securely. It is essential to note that the laser ray box is not included in the set.

The United Scientific PST620 Large Demonstration Prism Set is an excellent tool for teachers, scientists, students, and anyone willing to conduct educational experiments focused on optics. It weighs 7 lbs and measures 14"x 12" x 2", making the set easy to store, carry and transport.

In conclusion, the United Scientific PST620 Large Demonstration Prism Set is a must-have for any educational institution. It is recommended for use in physics, chemistry, and engineering courses, primarily those focusing on optics experiments. Try it out today and see the wonders it can do for your classroom.
 United Scientific PST620 Large demonstration prism set

Large demonstration prism set