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Lab Companion AAAJ6501 Electrophoresis Unit Tank

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The Lab Companion AAAJ6501 Electrophoresis Unit Tank is a high-quality and indispensable accessory for any laboratory. Designed to be used with the EP-05 Electrophoresis Unit, this tank ensures efficient and reliable separation of molecules for various biological and biochemical applications.

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the Electrophoresis Unit Tank is made from high-quality materials to guarantee optimal performance and longevity. The tank is resistant to corrosion, ensuring its stability and integrity even when exposed to harsh chemicals and substances commonly used in electrophoresis experiments.

Equipped with a secure lid, the Electrophoresis Unit Tank provides airtight sealing to prevent evaporation and maintain the desired temperature and humidity levels within the tank. This feature is particularly beneficial when conducting sensitive experiments that require a controlled environment.

The Electrode assembly of the Lab Companion AAAJ6501 Electrophoresis Unit Tank ensures a smooth and uninterrupted flow of electrical current, essential for the separation of molecules. The electrode assembly is thoughtfully designed to have minimal contact with the sample, thus preventing contamination and ensuring accurate results. Additionally, it is easily adjustable, allowing users to customize the positioning according to their experimental needs.

The Electrophoresis Unit Tank is designed with user convenience in mind. The tank has a spacious interior that can accommodate multiple samples simultaneously, saving time and effort. It also features a transparent window that allows users to monitor the progress of electrophoresis without disturbing the experiment. The tank is lightweight and compact, making it easy to handle and store when not in use.

The Lab Companion AAAJ6501 Electrophoresis Unit Tank is not only versatile but also easy to maintain. It can be easily cleaned and sterilized, ensuring a hygienic laboratory environment and preventing cross-contamination between samples.

Invest in the Lab Companion AAAJ6501 Electrophoresis Unit Tank for reliable and precise electrophoresis experiments. With its exceptional build quality, user-friendly design, and comprehensive features, this tank is a must-have for any laboratory aiming to achieve accurate and reproducible results in their DNA and protein separation studies.
 Lab Companion AAAJ6501 Electrophoresis Unit Tank

Lab Companion AAAJ6501 Electrophoresis Unit Tank