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Dedicated Platform w/250mL Clamps

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The Lab Companion AAA23611-V1 Dedicated Platform with 250mL Clamps is an essential accessory for the ISS-3075/R Incubators. This dedicated platform is designed to accommodate a single flask size, allowing you to maximize the capacity of your incubator.

With 14 flask clamps pre-installed on the platform, you can securely hold up to 14 250mL flasks at a time. This not only saves you time and effort in setting up your incubator, but also ensures the stability of your flask during incubation.

The Lab Companion AAA23611-V1 Dedicated Platform is made from high-quality materials that are resistant to corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance. The platform is designed to fit perfectly in the ISS-3075/R Incubators, providing a secure and stable environment for your experiments.

Whether you are conducting cell culture, fermentation, or any other application that requires a dedicated platform for 250mL flasks, this product is perfect for you. The pre-installed clamps make it easy to securely hold your flasks in place, preventing any spills or accidents that could compromise the integrity of your experiment.

This dedicated platform is not only convenient, but also cost-effective. By using a single flask size, you can optimize the space in your incubator and increase your productivity. You no longer have to waste valuable space by using larger platforms that accommodate different flask sizes.

In conclusion, the Lab Companion AAA23611-V1 Dedicated Platform with 250mL Clamps is the ideal accessory for your ISS-3075/R Incubators. With its 14 pre-installed clamps and durable construction, this platform provides a secure and stable environment for your 250mL flask experiments. It is a cost-effective solution that maximizes the capacity of your incubator and increases your productivity. Invest in this dedicated platform now and take your experiments to the next level.
 Lab Companion AAA23611-V1 Dedicated Platform w/250mL Clamps

Dedicated Platform w/250mL Clamps