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Wire shelf for ON-22G, OF-21E, IB-25G, ON-21E, 22.5" x 16.5", 3Ibs

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The Lab Companion EDA8137 22.7" x 16.5" Wire Shelf is the perfect addition to your laboratory equipment. Specially designed to fit the IB-25G, OF-21E, ON-21E, ON-22G, and ON-21E models, this wire shelf offers convenience and efficiency in one multifunctional unit.

With its compact size of 22.7" x 16.5", this wire shelf is ideal for laboratories with limited space. It can be easily integrated into existing setups and provides a practical storage solution for various lab equipment and supplies. The sturdy wire construction ensures durability and allows for proper ventilation, making it suitable for storing chemicals, tools, instruments, and other items.

The Lab Companion EDA8137 Wire Shelf is designed to maximize organization and efficiency in the lab. Its open wire design allows for easy visibility and accessibility of stored items, eliminating the need for time-consuming searches. Adjustable shelves provide flexibility in storage, allowing you to accommodate items of different sizes and shapes.

Easy installation and removal make this wire shelf a convenient addition to your lab. The shelf can be effortlessly placed on compatible models and can be adjusted or removed as needed. This versatility ensures that you can customize your lab layout according to your specific requirements and preferences.

Durability and practicality are key features of this wire shelf. The high-quality wire construction ensures long-lasting use, even in demanding lab environments. Its corrosion-resistant design guarantees resistance to chemicals, ensuring that your stored items remain safe and secure.

Overall, the Lab Companion EDA8137 22.7" x 16.5" Wire Shelf is a reliable and efficient storage solution for your lab. Its versatile design, sturdy construction, and easy installation make it an essential addition to any laboratory setup. Maximize organization and efficiency with this functional wire shelf.
 Lab Companion EDA8137 22.7" x 16.5" Wire Shelf

Wire shelf for ON-22G, OF-21E, IB-25G, ON-21E, 22.5" x 16.5", 3Ibs