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Introductory optical bench set

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The United Scientific OBSET4 Introductory Optical Bench Set is an affordable, yet top-quality tool that offers an excellent introduction to lens work. This bench set provides a wide range of features that enable basic concepts of lenses to be explored. It is perfect for students starting their journey in the study of optics.

The bench has a length of 74 cm and is made from extruded aluminum material. It comes with push-on plastic feet that keep the bench stable while in use. The large, easy-to-read scale provides capable and accurate measurements. Three-position riders accommodate push-in stems of optical parts. When you push the stem in, the rider locks in place ensuring that there are no further repositioning errors.

The bench set comes with four mounted lenses, including three convex lenses of different focal lengths, i.e., +100mm, +150mm, and +200mm, and one concave lens of -150mm focal length. These lenses are mounted in robust molded holders that are easily inserted into sockets in the riders. Each rider accepts up to three elements, giving a more thorough analysis of each element.

The LED-illuminated object generates bright and clear images on the opaque screen, allowing students to learn optics with ease. It is self-contained, so no cables are needed, and it's powered by an AAA battery.

The OBSET4 bench set is perfect for laboratories, classrooms, and even for home use. It's lightweight and easy to carry around, making it an excellent tool for outdoor experiments. The overall design of the set ensures that the equipment remains in perfect condition even after prolonged use.

In conclusion, the United Scientific OBSET4 Introductory Optical Bench Set presents an affordable and practical solution for studies in basic optics. The inclusive pack offers a wide range of features, including an aluminum bench, lens riders, LED illumination, and a variety of mounted lenses, making it an excellent product for learners and educators at all levels.
 United Scientific OBSET4 Introductory optical bench set

Introductory optical bench set