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Insect pins, #1, pack of 100

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The United Scientific IPIN01-PK/100 Insect pins are an essential tool for collectors, hobbyists, and professionals dealing with insects. These insect pins boast a #1 size, which makes them ideal for pinning small to medium-sized insects for display or study. Every pack contains 100 insect pins, with 18 pins per package, providing you with enough insect pins to meet all your pinning needs.

The United Scientific IPIN01-PK/100 Insect pins are made of high-quality steel, which is ensured to provide you with durability, strength, and resistance to bending. Moreover, the coated corrosion-resistant finish protects the pins from rust and damage, making them long-lasting and perfect for long-term storage.

Each of the United Scientific IPIN01-PK/100 Insect pins is designed with a bright yellow epoxy head. The head of each pin is visible and allows for easy identification and closure of insects, as well as preventing unfortunate accidents such as accidentally pointed fingers.

United Scientific IPIN01-PK/100 Insect pins come with a warning sign that, due to its chemical composition, the product can expose you to possible reproductive harm, or even result in the development of cancer. However, proper handling, which implies that you avoid inhaling dust or fumes, as well as not touching your face or eyes before thoroughly washing your hands after using the product, would aid in reducing the risk.

In summary, collectors, hobbyists, and scientists dealing with insects are sure to benefit from purchasing the United Scientific IPIN01-PK/100 Insect pins. The product is budget-friendly, resilient, and designed to meet your pinning needs for small to medium-sized insects. Also, the product is long-lasting, and with the cautionary measures highlighted, it ensures your safety.
 United Scientific IPIN01-PK/100 Insect pins, #1, pack of 100

Insect pins, #1, pack of 100