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At Certified MTP, we pride ourselves on being trusted and reliable laboratory products and construction leaders with a collection of high-quality hotplates. With our commitment to high-quality products, we offer a wide selection of hotplates to meet the needs of various professionals across their sectors. Our hotplates deliver expert and reliable results with state-of-the-art technology, fit for any industrial setting or laboratory.  

Hot plates are an ideal solution for heating and drying with limited space. Our compact and easy-to-use selection of effective hotplates at Certified MTP will do the job. Find a trusted one for your lab for high-quality hotplates from Ohaus, Bel Art ProductsThermolyne with a ceramic pot, and our very own Lab Companion brands that offer a small space occupation.

Certified MTP Hot Plates Collection

Whether you need an induction stainless steel cooktop, a hotplate for quality control, material testing or production, our range of reliable hotplates is equipped with high-quality features such as a stainless steel base to serve whatever purpose. When precision is necessary, some of our hotplates come with easy-to-use temperature control.

Our wide selection of hotplates covers all bases, from two kinds of stirrers and pressure regulators to electric, thermolyne and digital hot plates. Whatever sector you require a hotplate for, our trustworthy products will provide you with the best equipment with advanced technology as well as a stainless steel plate.

Thermolyne Hot Plates 

Our bestseller, the Gilson MA-1807 Thermolyne Hot Plate, 7.25 “X7.25” Surface, is just one example of our efficient hotplates. With its easy-to-clean properties and resistance to most chemicals, this hot plate with accurate and consistent temperatures is the perfect product. It has long-lasting qualities and is built to last. 

Digital hotplates 

We have a range of effective digital hotplates, and our bestselling United Scientific HOTPDG Digital Hot Plate With Magnetic Stirrer Csa Approved is a reliable hotplate with a digital temperature display and a stirrer that operate safely and efficiently with a temperature probe that allows for precise heating of solutions and a reliable malfunction indicator. It also includes an aluminum pan and dependable safety. Our line of United Scientific Supplies hot plates offers reliable performance.

Electric hotplates 

With a selection of high-quality electric hotplates with electric power, we cover every base. If you don’t require specific temperature control, our Gilson MA-838 Electric Range Single Burner is a high-quality, best-selling electric hot plate. It’s easy to use and heats up quickly with a rapid temperature increase, meaning you won’t spend time waiting to use it. 

Propane hotplates   

We have the ideal solution for you if you need a hot plate outside of the lab that offers a propane gas supply and a simple operation. Do you need to increase cooking efficiency? Our propane hot plates have a rugged design and simple propane hookups to make heating and drying specimens in the field straightforward, like the Gilson MA-818 Propane Hot Plate Heavy-Duty Double Burner with two heating plates for cooking efficiency. Both heating plates work separately and heats dishes simultaneously. We offer cylinder-sized specifications for the propane hot plate to ensure you achieve the best outcome possible. 

What makes our hot plates the best?

Hotplates are essential in various sectors and are used in labs for scientific research, experiments and sample preparations. Hotplates are also used in the culinary industry, and we cater for all needs and requirements. 

Key features and benefits  of a hot plate

At Certified MTP, our hotplates have vital features and benefits that set us apart from the competition. Our hotplates are equipped to meet any demands from precise temperature control and accurate adjustments. With a wide selection of materials and sizes, we’ve got a suitable, reliable hotplate for all your heating needs.  

Made with durability in mind, you can trust our hotplates to withstand any environment, no matter how demanding. For safe, reliable and top-quality hotplates, you can trust Certified MTP for the best products on the market. 

At Certified MTP, our top-of-the-range hotplates will serve you effectively and efficiently and meet your every need. So, don’t delay; browse our range of hotplates today.  


  1. What are hotplates used for?

Hotplates are heating surfaces used for cooking or heating in culinary settings and for material testing, performing chemical reactions and scientific experiments in laboratories. If you need a hotplate for induction-compatible cookware, you can use it for food preparation and cooking. 

  1. What are the advantages of using a hotplate?

There are many advantages of using a hotplate, such as being portable, easy to clean, and used with even heat distribution. With temperature control, they offer precise results and provide a safe heating environment. Hotplates are versatile and can be used for different functions across many sectors. 

  1. Are hotplates safe to use?

Generally, hotplates are safe to use if precautions and safety guidelines are followed correctly. Safety precautions such as keeping liquids and flammables away from the hotplate, turning off the hotplate when not in use, and leaving it unattended will ensure it is safe to use. 

  1. Are hot plates energy efficient?

Hotplates are energy efficient as they provide direct heat. This reduces heat loss, making hotplates more energy-efficient than other heating methods. Hotplates also heat quickly, increasing efficiency as they reach the desired temperature quickly. Furthermore, hotplates don’t require preheating, making them a more energy-efficient choice.

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