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Helium spectrum tube

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The United Scientific SPTHE01 Helium spectrum tube (3/ea) is an essential tool for students and teachers alike who are interested in exploring and understanding the principles of spectroscopy. The tubes are designed to introduce students to the spectra of common gases in their pure form, including helium.

By energizing the tubes and viewing the gas through a spectroscope, students can witness the distinctive set of spectral lines unique to helium. This classic demonstration helps to illustrate concepts related to wavelength and the behavior of light in a way that is both engaging and informative.

Each United Scientific SPTHE01 Helium spectrum tube is 25cm long with a 10cm capillary portion. The tubes are made of high-quality glass and are outfitted with an electrode sealed in each end and attached to a metal end cap. A loop on each end cap provides convenient hookup to wire connections, allowing for easy setup and experimentation.

Please note that a spectrum tube power supply is required to energize the tubes, which is not included with purchase. Each United Scientific SPTHE01 Helium spectrum tube also includes an activity guide to provide additional guidance and support for students and teachers.

It is important to note that there are potential warnings associated with the use of this product. As with many scientific instruments, the United Scientific SPTHE01 Helium spectrum tube has been known to contain chemicals that may pose a risk of cancer and reproductive harm. To learn more about these risks and how to use the product safely, please visit
 United Scientific SPTHE01 Helium spectrum tube

Helium spectrum tube