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Graduated cylinders, double scale, class a, individually certified, 500ml

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The United Scientific CY3020-500 Graduated cylinders are the perfect choice for any laboratory or scientific setting. These cylinders are manufactured in compliance with ASTM E1272, Class A, and USP standards, ensuring that they meet the highest standards in accuracy and precision. Each cylinder is individually serialized and certified, giving you the peace of mind that your measurements are accurate and reliable.

With a double metric scale that is calibrated to contain, these graduated cylinders are the ideal choice for measuring liquids with precision and accuracy. The cylinders are made from borosilicate glass and feature heavy uniform wall tubing and strong, stable, hexagonal bases. Perfectly designed with pour spouts, these cylinders make pouring liquids a breeze.

The bumper guards that come with each cylinder provide extra protection, ensuring that the cylinders remain in good condition for a long time. These graduated cylinders have a capacity of 500ml and come with a graduation interval of 5.0ml. The tolerance level for each cylinder is ±2.0ml, which is well within the required tolerances for most laboratory applications.

Whether you are working in a research lab, a chemistry lab, or a medical lab, these graduated cylinders are an essential tool that every scientist needs. They are versatile, accurate, and reliable, making them the perfect choice for any lab setting. So, if you are looking for quality and reliability, choose the United Scientific CY3020-500 Graduated cylinders and take your scientific experiments to the next level.

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 United Scientific CY3020-500 Graduated cylinders, double scale, class a, individually certified, 500ml

Graduated cylinders, double scale, class a, individually certified, 500ml