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Friction on an inclined plane set

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The United Scientific INPW02 Friction on an Inclined Plane Set is a versatile and comprehensive educational tool that allows students to understand the dynamics of forces, motion and friction in an easy and practical way.

The set includes a 60cm long and 10cm wide wooden inclined board that can be set at any angle between 0 degrees and 45 degrees. The protractor with two scales allows for both direct and trigonometric angle measurements. The aluminum wheel and cone bearings on the Hall's carriage minimize friction when conducting experiments.

The INPW02 set is perfect for demonstrating the resolution of forces on an inclined plane, uniform and accelerated motions, kinetic and potential energies and the friction between two surfaces. Students can determine the coefficients of static and sliding friction, verify the normal and frictional components of the force exerted by the plane, and perform other experiments that help them understand the concepts of physics and mechanics.

The set also includes a weight hanging pan (mass not included), a large wooden board, a small wooden board, a metal plate, and an activity guide to help instructors get the most out of the set.

The INPW02 set is a great addition to any classroom, laboratory or homeschooling environment. Its durable construction and comprehensive range of features make it an ideal tool for students and educators at all levels of science education.

However, it is essential that users of the set take note of the WARNINGS on the packaging, which state that the set contains materials known to cause cancer and reproductive harm and should be handled with care.
 United Scientific INPW02 Friction on an inclined plane set

Friction on an inclined plane set