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Franck-Hertz Apparatus II

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The United Scientific FHA002 Franck-Hertz Apparatus II is a valuable addition to any laboratory or educational institute seeking to study quantum states. This updated model features improved electronics with better stabilization, making it more reliable and easier to read correctly. The apparatus includes digital readouts for voltage and current, allowing for accurate measurements and precise experiments.

This apparatus is designed with an argon-filled Franck-Hertz tube that achieves 5-7 current maxima, which helps to provides essential evidence for the existence of quantum states. The anode current range is between 0.1nA to 1 microampere, and an automatic scan to oscilloscope or chart recorder, or manual scan is also possible. The filament, grid, and anode voltages are adjustable and stabilized, making it possible to customize the settings based on the specific experiment being conducted.

The apparatus also features 3-1/2 digit voltage and current readouts, making it easy to monitor the experiment's progress. The new fully shielded coax cables effectively reduce electrical noise, ensuring that the results obtained are accurate and precise.

The experiment is conducted inside a vacuum tube filled with a trace of argon gas, where a beam of electrons is generated and accelerated towards a counterelectrode. By varying the accelerating energy, changes in the current are observed, and with multiple valleys observed in the current curve, evidence of the donations of a quantum of energy can be derived.

Important to note is that the United Scientific FHA002 Franck-Hertz Apparatus II requires a user-supplied dual-channel oscilloscope for automatic scanning. Also, the manufacturer's warning indicates that the product contains chemicals that are known to cause cancer and reproductive harm, so precautions should be taken when handling the product.

Overall, the United Scientific FHA002 Franck-Hertz Apparatus II is a high-quality apparatus designed for conducting experiments that require the measurement of quantum states. With its updated electronics and improved stabilization, it is an excellent choice for laboratory or educational institutes.
 United Scientific FHA002 Franck-Hertz Apparatus II

Franck-Hertz Apparatus II