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Erlenmeyer flask, narrow mouth, borosilicate glass, 25ml (pk of 12)

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The United Scientific FG4980-25 Erlenmeyer flask is the perfect addition to any laboratory setting. This flask is made of high-quality borosilicate glass, which means it boasts exceptional thermal shock resistance and physical strength. This flask is a must-have for chemists, biologists, or any scientist who needs to store or transport liquids safely.

Designed with a narrow mouth, this flask is ideal for minimizing evaporation and spillage, as well as maximizing the accuracy of measurements. Its heavy-duty rim adds durability and ensures the longevity of the flask. Additionally, the graduations in durable white enamel make it easy to take precise measurements, even with liquids that have a darker color.

The properties of this glassware and plasticware are top-of-the-line. With a capacity of 25ml and a graduation range of 10-25ml, this flask is perfect for small-scale experiments. It also has a graduation interval of 5ml, which allows for more accurate readings.

The stopper size of this flask is 3, which ensures a tight and secure seal. This makes it ideal for storing and transporting hazardous or sensitive materials without fear of leakage or contamination.

This product comes in a pack of 12, with 2 packs in total, making it perfect for anyone who needs a large quantity of high-quality flasks. It also comes with a total of 48 flasks in a case. United Scientific FG4980-25 Erlenmeyer flask is the best choice for any laboratory setting, with its many features that ensure accurate measurements, safe storage, and reliable transportation of liquids.

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 United Scientific FG4980-25 Erlenmeyer flask, narrow mouth, borosilicate glass, 25ml (pk of 12)

Erlenmeyer flask, narrow mouth, borosilicate glass, 25ml (pk of 12)