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Durham Geo TR-27101 SRX-LP 6in Landfill Seal Plug with Methane Extraction

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TR-27101 SRX LP Landfill Seal Plug - 6-inch plug with Methane Extraction | DGSI Slope Indicator Submersible Pumps

Seal plug for SRX LP Landfill Pumps

SRX LP Pump Well Seals

  • DGSI manufactures a comprehensive line of well head seals for landfill leachate and gas condensate wells.
  • These well seals provide an easy method for connecting fluid and air lines, simplifying installation.
  • Standard well seals are available for wells with liquid only or gas and liquid removal.
  • Strain relief seals isolate the individual DGSI tubing sizes used on the SRX LP pumps. 
  • The well seals are attached to the casing by mating flanges or by sealing them to the diameter of the well casing with a Fernco™-type flexible coupling.
  • Additional threaded openings through the seals are provided for fluid level, pressure and/or temperature measurement.
  • Both fluid and air supply lines attach via quick-connect fittings and feature isolation valves that allow for easy pump servicing.
  • Well seal accessories include an air-in/fluid-out kit, manifold flanges, pump exhaust diversion kit and pump flow control kit.
  • Each well seal assembly includes hose clamps for attaching bundled Nylon tubing to an SRX LP pump and cable clips for securing the stainless steel cable that supports the pump. Pulse counters not included with well seals.

SRX LP Leachate Pumps

  • The SRX LP is a proven landfill pump based on a simple, innovative design and built with field-tested components. The result: a reliable pump to meet the harsh landfill environment.
  • The SRX is an air-powered pump used to extract leachate or gas condensate at variable rates equal to the well recharge.
  • Pump flow rates are up to 9.5 gpm and temperatures up to 250°F.
  • In wells under vacuum with the pump exhaust vented outside the well seal, the SRX pump can maintain the normal draw-down level when the air-exhaust line is equipped with the optional “E”-valve (part # TR-697) located below the well seal.

Better Value

  • More Uptime:
    • Reliable
    • Simple Routine Maintenance
  • Competitive Price
  • Easy Replacement for Existing Pump
  • Few Parts – Low Inventory


  • Advanced, positive-sealing air valves with built-in filtration
  • Tolerant of high temperatures
  • Complete disassembly with only one wrench
  • All-stainless-steel body
  • Domed bottom to prevent hang-ups during installation
  • Flotec™ syntactic foam float
  • Lightweight pump
  • CE and ATEX compliant


Applications for the SRX Leachate Pump include

  • Landfill Pumps for Leachate Pumping and Gas Condensate Pumping in Landfills
  • Pneumatic pumps for use in 4-inch and larger-diameter wells up to 200 ft.
  • Pneumatic pump for leachate and gas condensate


SRX LP Pump Construction 

  • Stainless steel, Type 304: Pump body, discharge tube
  • Stainless steel, Type 303: Pump head, bottom intake valve,
  • assembly control rod, control linkage assembly
  • Stainless steel, Type 316: Hose and tubing barbs
  • Hydlar (Nylon/Kevlar® composite): Control rod bushing
  • Nylon®: Discharge check valve ball
  • Buna-N®: Intake check valve ball
  • Viton®: O-ring seals, air inlet ball valve
  • Syntactic foam: Float
  • Neodymium Iron: High temperature magnets (250 °F)

Selection Table For SRX Leachate Pumps

Part Number & Model | Nominal Size | Pump OD | Pump Length | Volume per Cycle1 | Min. Submergence (in) | Pump Weight (lb) | Max. Flow Rate2 (gpm) | Air Valve Filtration

  • TR-970 SRX LP | 4.0” | 3.5” | 39.0” | 0.2gal | 39.0” | 16.6lb | 5.5gpm | Yes
  • TR-970T SRX LPT | 4.0” | 3.5” | 46.2” | 0.4gal | 29.1” | 16.7lb | 9.5gpm | Yes
  • TR-971 SRX LPS | 4.0” | 3.5” | 44.5” | 0.4gal | 44.5” | 18.0lb | 7.6gpm | Yes

1 Volume (US gal) per pump cycle will vary slightly depending on air pressure supplied to pump, depth of well, etc.
2 Maximum flow rates can vary due to air pressure supplied to pump, depth of well, etc.


 Durham Geo TR-27101 SRX-LP 6in Landfill Seal Plug with Methane Extraction

Durham Geo TR-27101 SRX-LP 6in Landfill Seal Plug with Methane Extraction