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Drilled cork ball, 19mm diameter

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The United Scientific PNBCK19 Drilled Cork Ball with a 19mm diameter is the perfect addition to any experimental laboratory, physics classroom, or homeschool curriculum. These cork balls can be used as pendulum bobs or for impact and collision experiments, allowing for a wide range of educational opportunities.

Each ball comes equipped with a 3mm countersunk hole, allowing for cord knots to be recessed and ensuring a secure and stable connection. The precision drilling ensures a consistent diameter for each ball, providing reliable and accurate results every time.

Made from high-quality natural cork, these balls are sturdy and durable enough to withstand repeated use in a variety of experiments. They are lightweight and easy to handle, providing a tactile experience for students and professionals alike.

With 24 balls per pack, this set is perfect for classroom use or for replenishing supplies in a laboratory setting. Each pack is labeled with the corresponding item number and description for easy organization and inventory tracking.

As with all scientific equipment, safety is a top priority. These cork balls come with a warning label indicating the risk of cancer and reproductive harm, as required by law. However, with proper handling and use, these balls can provide a safe and effective means of hands-on learning and experimentation.

Invest in the United Scientific PNBCK19 Drilled Cork Ball pack today and enhance your scientific learning experience with quality equipment.
 United Scientific PNBCK19 Drilled cork ball, 19mm diameter

Drilled cork ball, 19mm diameter