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Desktop winterization labware kit, 5000ml

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The United Scientific DWNTK5 Desktop Winterization Labware Kit is an essential tool for any laboratory looking to perform winterization and filtration processes with ease. This kit is designed to simplify laboratory work and consists of all the necessary tools you need in one package. Each package contains a table type porcelain buchner funnel, neoprene stopper, medium flow filter paper, food grade tubing, radiator clamps, and a coupler.

Our tubing has a temperature range of -40 degree to 125 degree F and meets FDA standards and NSF 51, ensuring that it is safe to use for laboratory experiments. In addition, we offer three different options for this kit to suit the needs of different laboratories: without glassware, with a 5000ml filtering flask, or a 10,000ml filtering bottle. The filtering flask is constructed using heavy wall borosilicate and includes a thick rim and hose barb, while the 10,000ml set includes a heavy wall borosilicate filtering bottle with hose barb.

The porcelain table type buchner funnel is from our JTTBF series, and the filter paper is from our FPR series, with medium porosity and flow rate. The circular filters are packaged 100 per box, making it easy for you to restock and continue with your experiments.

The contents of the DWNTK5 5000ml Winterization Labware Kit are a Filtering Flask, Borosilicate Glass, 5000ml (FG5340-5000), a Buchner Funnel, Table Type, Porcelain, 1900ml (JTTBF1900), five Food Grading PVC Tubing, 60” long, 1” ID x 1 1/4” ID x 1/8” Wall, one Filter Paper, Medium Porosity/Flow, 18cm circle, pk/100 (FPR180), two Radiator Clamp, one Neoprene Stopper, #13, 1” hole, and one Coupler, 3/4” ID.

Convenience and reliability are what United Scientific strives for, and this desktop winterization labware kit meets that goal. It is ideal for laboratories of all sizes and guarantees consistent results that you can rely on. Invest in United Scientific DWNTK5 Desktop Winterization Labware Kit, and you'll save money, time, and effort in the long run.
 United Scientific DWNTK5 Desktop winterization labware kit, 5000ml

Desktop winterization labware kit, 5000ml