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Cork stoppers, #12 (pk of 100)

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The United Scientific CST12 Cork Stoppers, #12 (pk of 100) are a convenient and reliable choice for any laboratory setting. With grade XXX tapered cork, these stoppers are versatile and effective for use with both liquid and solid mediums.

One of the key benefits of these cork stoppers is their light weight, resilience, and compressibility. This makes them ideal for a variety of laboratory applications, as they can easily be inserted and removed from containers without damaging or distorting the cork. Additionally, the cork is chemically inert and moisture resistant, ensuring that the stoppers are suitable for use with a wide range of chemicals and solvents.

Each pack of United Scientific CST12 Cork Stoppers contains 100 stoppers, making it easy to keep a consistent supply on hand. These stoppers are designed with a Stopper Size of 12, a Height (mm) of 31, a Top Diameter (mm) of 29, and a Bottom Diameter (mm) of 22. These specific dimensions ensure a secure and snug fit for most laboratory vessels.

Overall, the United Scientific CST12 Cork Stoppers offer laboratory technicians a reliable and cost-effective solution for sealing containers in a variety of settings. Whether you're working with liquids or solids, these stoppers provide a consistent and effective barrier, helping to keep your experiments and samples safe from contamination or evaporation.
 United Scientific CST12 Cork stoppers, #12 (pk of 100)

Cork stoppers, #12 (pk of 100)