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Concrete Air Meter Kit with Rubber Mallet

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Concrete Air Meter Kit with Rubber Mallet

The Concrete Air Meter Kit with Rubber Mallet is one of the most precise measurement devices when conducting concrete air content test. With heat treated cast aluminum construction and cast in handles on the base, this Concrete Air Meter Kit is heavy duty, yet lightweight, and easy to handle.

Our unit utilizes the best clamping system available, with large stainless steel clamp levers and a holding capacity of 2500 lbs. each. This clamping system provides an easy, dependable operation.

Employing the use of a superior high volume Ultra Pump, this system makes operation efficient yet rapid. 

This includes a larger more accurate pressure gauge with safety glass and bold color dial face. Color coded for entrapped and entrained air readings. 

Our unit is furnished complete with a carrying case, instructions, and equipment needed to perform calibration and concrete tests. 

Each unit is pressure tested and calibrated before shipment. Each meter is assigned a specific customer serial number. 


  • Type B Concrete Air Meter
  • Precisely molded polyethylene case with inner molded reinforced walls to hold the meter and accessories in place.
  • Calibrated Vessel
  • Calibration Outside Tube
  • Calibration Inside Tube
  • Strike Off Bar
  • 24" Long Tamping Rod 5/8" diameter rounded to a hemispherical tip at both ends
  • 3 oz. Bulb Syringe
  • 16 oz. Rubber Mallet

Meets Test Methods:
ASTM C 231

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Accessories to Concrete Air Entrainment Test:

Tamping Rods for Slump Cone Test have hemispherical tips and are for use when consolidating concrete specimens in required tests that include slump, air content, and strength

Concrete Strike-Off Bar is used to remove excess material

Replacement Gauges in Concrete Air Meter Parts are quality, dependable gauges that fit most Type B Concrete Air Meters

Concrete Air Meter Kit with Rubber Mallet

Concrete Air Meter Kit with Rubber Mallet