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Concave mirror, 38mm dia / 200mm fl

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, from United Scientific is a high-quality optical device that allows for the efficient reflection of light waves. This concave mirror is an ideal instrument used in various optical experiments, including teaching demonstrations and laboratories.

Main Features

The United Scientific MCC308 concave mirror boasts superior craftsmanship that ensures excellent image quality and performance. Its 38mm diameter and 200mm focal length make it suitable for use in different applications, allowing you to experiment with light and optics. The mirror is made from high-quality materials that are durable and highly resistant to wear and tear, ensuring the mirror's longevity and reliability.


The MCC308 mirror is perfect for scientific experiments that require accurate reflection of light. Its concave shape is ideal for focusing light, which is vital for experiments that use lasers and other light sources. The mirror is also perfect for laboratory use, where it can be used in conjunction with other optical equipment like lenses, cameras, spectrometers, and prisms. From basic physics experiments to advanced scientific research projects, the United Scientific MCC308 concave mirror is a valuable optical device that can transform your research output.


Overall, the United Scientific MCC308 concave mirror is the perfect optical device for students, teachers, and researchers to use in various scientific experiments. Its high-quality construction, excellent image quality, and reliability make this mirror stand out from the rest. Whether you are using it for educational purposes, laboratory experiments, or scientific research, the MCC308 concave mirror is an excellent investment that will last for years to come.
 United Scientific MCC308 Concave mirror, 38mm dia / 200mm fl

Concave mirror, 38mm dia / 200mm fl