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CMI CALI-G California Bridge Swivel (Green)

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The CMI CALI-G California Bridge Swivel in green is the ultimate accessory for your suspension bridge. Designed specifically for climbers, this swivel offers a secure and versatile attachment point that ensures the safety and stability of your bridge.

Featuring a new swivel bottom material that is 25% harder than the old alloy, this bridge swivel is built to withstand the demands of rigorous climbing activities. It fits both rope and webbing style bridges, making it suitable for a variety of setups. Even with a spliced eye, this swivel securely connects your bridge without compromise.

The connection holes in this swivel are large enough to facilitate up to a 1/2" rope for direct connection. At the same time, the middle attachment can accommodate most carabiner gates, allowing for easy rotation and maneuverability. With the CMI CALI-G California Bridge Swivel, you can trust that your bridge will stay in place during your climbing adventures.

Please note that using the Globe 3000 with this swivel is strongly discouraged, as it may cause premature wear to the bottom of the swivel. It is recommended to replace the swivel when the lower half shows significant signs of wear to maintain optimal safety.

The CMI CALI-G California Bridge Swivel is not just any ordinary swivel; it is designed by climbers, for climbers. Its original design by Gerry Garcia ensures that it meets the unique needs of climbers, providing a reliable and durable solution to enhance your suspension bridge experience.

Say goodbye to cluttered and unreliable attachments for your suspension bridge. Upgrade to the CMI CALI-G California Bridge Swivel today and experience the difference in safety and convenience.
 CMI CALI-G California Bridge Swivel (Green)

CMI CALI-G California Bridge Swivel (Green)