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Chemistry hardware assortment

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The United Scientific HRDKIT2-C Chemistry Hardware Assortment is the perfect starter kit for any general chemistry laboratory. This comprehensive assortment of hardware contains all the essential items for conducting experiments and analyses with precision and ease. The kit includes beaker tongs, burette clamp, burner tripod, clamp Mohr's pinchcock, clamp holder right angle, clay pipe triangle, crucible tongs, ring support with clamp, support stand with rod, test tube rack, test tube clamp, wire gauze with ceramic center, and other essential hardware for general chemistry labs.

The beaker tongs ensure that you can safely handle beakers of different sizes for heating or pouring. The burette clamp is essential for attaching to burette stand to measure precise quantities of liquids. The burner tripod stands firm with 9” legs, effectively stabilizing any burner for heating. The clamp Mohr's pinchcock and clamp holder right angle allow secure fastening of equipment while carrying out experiments. The clay pipe triangle aids in heating and melting substances while the crucible tongs help with handling crucibles and their contents safely. The ring support with clamp and support stand with rod can hold a variety of equipment and hardware firmly in place. The plastic test tube rack holds six tubes firmly in place to avoid any spills. The test tube clamp is important for safely handling different sized test tubes, and the wire gauze with ceramic center is used for even heating applications.

The hardware assortment is nickel-plated steel, ensuring durability and corrosion resistance. The kit is a comprehensive starter package, which is ideal for general chemistry laboratories. Its compact size and light weight make it easy to transport, making it perfect for remote science experiments outdoors or off-site locations.

Please note that this product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive harm and, therefore, may require warnings when sold in California.

Equip your laboratory with the United Scientific HRDKIT2-C Chemistry Hardware Assortment today and enjoy the best hardware for your experiments and analyses.

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 United Scientific HRDKIT2-C Chemistry hardware assortment

Chemistry hardware assortment