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Centrifuge tube, conical bottom, pp/hdpe, 15 ml, sterile pk/50

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The United Scientific D1003 Centrifuge Tube is an essential laboratory tool that provides a sterile environment for your experiments. Made of high-quality polypropylene, each tube is designed to withstand extreme temperatures from -45°C to 121°C, making it ideal for various applications.

These tubes come with blue HDPE screw caps that provide our customers with a leak-proof seal. Moreover, the silk-screened black graduations and large white marking spot assist in accurate measurement and recording of results. The 15ml tubes are racked and graduated from 2ml to 14ml in 0.5ml intervals, while the 50ml tubes come in a bulk polybag and are graduated from 5ml to 47.5ml in 2.5ml intervals.

These centrifuge tubes are steam sterilized to ensure that they are free of any bacteria, viruses, or other pathogens that might contaminate your experiments. With a maximum RCF of 9000, the D1003 centrifuge tubes are perfect for organic and inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, and many more applications.

The D1003 centrifuge tubes come in a pack of 50 and a case of 500, making it easy to order and stock up on the essential lab supply. These tubes have an O.D. of 16.5mm and a height of 117.8mm, which makes them easy to handle and fit to various equipment.

Overall, the United Scientific D1003 Centrifuge Tube is durable, sterile, graduatable, and autoclavable, making it a must-have for laboratories. It is a reliable and effective method to store and separate various substances in your experiments. Buy a pack or a case today and take advantage of this laboratory essential!

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 United Scientific D1003 Centrifuge tube, conical bottom, pp/hdpe, 15 ml, sterile (pk of 50)

Centrifuge tube, conical bottom, pp/hdpe, 15 ml, sterile pk/50