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Centrifuge tube box, for 15ml tubes, pp (pk of 4)

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The United Scientific P20604 Centrifuge Tube Box is a high-quality storage solution for your centrifuge tubes. This pack of 4 autoclavable boxes is specially designed to hold 15ml tubes and is made of durable and rugged polypropylene material that can withstand a wide range of temperatures from -90 degree to 121 degree Celsius.

These boxes are a great alternative to fragile cardboard or foam racks, offering superior protection for your tubes while being easy to handle and store. The color-coded design of the boxes makes it easy to identify the size of the rack at a glance. You can quickly and easily distinguish between green racks that hold 15ml tubes and blue racks that hold 50ml tubes.

Each tube is held in place by a secure numeric code that is clearly visible through the transparent lid. This allows you to easily label and organize your samples, ensuring that they are easy to find when you need them. The design also allows you to safely transport your samples, providing additional protection against accidental spills or breakage.

Whether you're working in a laboratory, hospital or research facility, the United Scientific P20604 Centrifuge Tube Box provides a reliable and easy-to-use storage solution for your 15ml tubes. Its durable and rugged construction ensures that your samples will be safe and secure at all times, while the color-coded design and numeric codes make it easy to identify and organize your samples with ease.
 United Scientific P20604 Centrifuge tube box, for 15ml tubes, pp (pk of 4)

Centrifuge tube box, for 15ml tubes, pp (pk of 4)