Burette, class b, screw thread stopcock, 25ml

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United Scientific BR2122-25 Burette is a laboratory tool that offers outstanding performance and precision. The burette features a screw thread stopcock with PTFE keys that ensures optimal control of flow rates. The product is crafted from the highest quality accurate bore tubing, making it reliable, durable, and ideal for high-precision scientific experiments and applications.

The burette features amber graduations, which enables clear visibility of liquid levels. The graduations are accurate, making it easy to measure and dispense precise volumes of solutions. The burette also has PTFE screw thread stopcock, which ensures a tight fit and prevents leakage.

Class B accuracy of the burette makes it an incredibly dependable lab tool. It meets strict manufacturing standards, ensuring the highest degree of accuracy, reliability, and durability. The burette has a capacity of 25mL, which is ample for various scientific applications. The graduation interval is at 0.10mL, with a tolerance of ±0.06mL.

The United Scientific BR2122-25 Burette comes with a pack of 1, making it a cost-effective solution for your laboratory needs. The burette is perfect for titration experiments, analytical work, and other applications that demand high precision and accuracy.

In summary, the United Scientific BR2122-25 Burette is a lab tool of exceptional quality. It is perfect for the discerning scientist who needs the best. Whether you're working on an academic project or carrying out advanced research, this state-of-the-art burette is the go-to instrument for obtaining accurate measurements, reliable results, and dependable performance.


 United Scientific BR2122-25 Burette, class b, screw thread stopcock, 25ml (1 each)

Burette, class b, screw thread stopcock, 25ml