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Bromine spectrum tube

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The United Scientific SPTBR01 Bromine Spectrum Tube is the perfect tool for science students and enthusiasts alike. This tube offers a classic demonstration of spectral lines, providing a unique and invaluable educational experience. It allows users to become intimately acquainted with the spectra of common gases in their pure form and demonstrates different wavelengths for a more comprehensive understanding.

Each tube is made of high-quality glass and is 25cm long, with the capillary portion being about 10cm long. The tube features an electrode that is sealed on each end, which is then attached to a metal end cap with a loop for convenient hookup to wire connections. The set includes three tubes, and each tube comes with an activity guide to ensure each student has all the necessary information to use it efficiently.

Please note that a spectrum tube power supply is needed to energize the tubes and is not included in the set. Additionally, it is crucial to pay heed to the warnings as this product contains elements that have been shown to cause cancer and reproductive harm.

Overall, the United Scientific SPTBR01 Bromine Spectrum Tube is an excellent addition to any laboratory as it provides a hands-on experience that enhances learning in a unique and exciting way. It offers valuable insights into the spectral lines of common gases and provides an excellent opportunity for students to explore the fascinating world of science. Get your hands on this top-quality product today and take your learning to the next level!
 United Scientific SPTBR01 Bromine spectrum tube

Bromine spectrum tube