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Boiling flasks, round bottom, borosilicate glass, 150ml (pk of 6)

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The United Scientific FG4260-150 Boiling Flasks are a key product for scientific laboratories and research institutions. Made from high-quality borosilicate glass, these boiling flasks have been designed with superior mechanical strength and shock resistance in mind. They are ideal for use in a range of applications including distillation and heating.

Our boiling flasks are perfect choices for chemists and scientists who require high-quality laboratory equipment for their experiments. They feature uniform wall thickness for better durability and come in a pack of six, with three packs per case. This ensures that your laboratory has enough boiling flasks to cater to all your experiments.

The glass used in the manufacturing of the boiling flasks is low-expansion borosilicate glass, which guarantees excellent thermal resistance. This high-quality glass ensures that the boiling flasks can withstand thermal shock during heating and prevent unwanted reactions during experiments.

The flasks have a capacity of 150ml, with an approximate outer diameter of 74mm and height of 118mm. They are appropriately sized to fit all standard heating equipment and still leave sufficient space for boiling and condensation.

Our boiling flasks come in a pack of six, providing more value for money while ensuring that you can conduct multiple experiments concurrently. They are an essential laboratory item, and their superior mechanical strength makes them durable enough for years of continuous use.

In conclusion, the United Scientific FG4260-150 Boiling Flasks are excellent purchases for your laboratory. They are designed with superior quality glass, have uniform wall thickness, and can withstand thermal shocks during heating. With a capacity of 150ml, these boiling flasks are appropriately sized for use with standard heating equipment, and their economical pack of six offers excellent value for money. Order now and experience the superior quality of our boiling flasks for your laboratory experiments.

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 United Scientific FG4260-150 Boiling flasks, round bottom, borosilicate glass, 150ml (pk of 6)

Boiling flasks, round bottom, borosilicate glass, 150ml (pk of 6)