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Beakers, low form, heavy duty, 400ml (pk of 12)

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The United Scientific BG1003-400 Beakers are here to revolutionize your laboratory work with their incredible strength and durability, designed for even the toughest handling conditions. Made of premium quality glassware and plasticware, these heavy-duty beakers are ideal for mechanized washing, making them the best choice for busy lab environments.

These beakers showcase a low form design for easy handling, and with a double graduated metric scale and clear marking area, taking accurate measurements has never been simpler. The graduations are marked at a range of 50-300 ml, with intervals of 25 ml, allowing you to measure precisely and accurately every time.

With a high tolerance of approximately ± 5%, these beakers are guaranteed to provide you with the precision and consistency that you need in your experiments. They can hold up to 400ml of liquid, making them perfect for most applications.

The United Scientific BG1003-400 Beakers come in a pack of 12, so there's no need to worry about running out quickly. Plus, they’re available in packs of 48, ensuring you have enough beakers to last you through multiple experiments.

These beakers are a must-have for any lab looking for heavy-duty equipment that they can rely on. With premium quality materials, precise markings, and a sturdy design, the United Scientific BG1003-400 Beakers are the perfect choice for achieving accurate and consistent results every time.
 United Scientific BG1003-400 Beakers, low form, heavy duty, 400ml (pk of 12)

Beakers, low form, heavy duty, 400ml (pk of 12)