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Beakers, low form, heavy duty, 1000ml, case of 24

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The United Scientific BG1003-1000-CASE is a set of high-quality, low form beakers that are designed to withstand tough handling conditions. These heavy-duty beakers come in a convenient case of 24, making them ideal for laboratories, classrooms, and other settings where large quantities of beakers are needed.

Each beaker has a capacity of 1000ml, with a double graduated metric scale ranging from 100-900ml, and a marking area for easy identification. The graduations have a gradient interval of 50ml, giving you precise measurements for your experiments. The tolerance for these beakers is approximately ±5%, ensuring consistent results every time.

Made from durable glassware and plasticware, the United Scientific BG1003-1000-CASE beakers are engineered to withstand rigorous laboratory environments. They are perfect for mechanized washing, and can be used with a variety of chemicals and solvents without fear of damaging the beaker.

Whether you are a student, scientist, or researcher, these beakers are a reliable and practical choice for all of your laboratory needs. They are versatile enough to handle a wide range of experiments, applications, and processes. So, if you're looking for a set of dependable, heavy-duty beakers, look no further than the United Scientific BG1003-1000-CASE.

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 United Scientific BG1003-1000-CASE Beakers, low form, heavy duty, 1000ml, case of 24

Beakers, low form, heavy duty, 1000ml, case of 24