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Beakers, griffin style, polypropylene (pp), 100ml pk/12

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The United Scientific BP0100 Beakers come in a set of 12, each holding 100ml and made from durable and lightweight polypropylene (PP). These beakers have been designed in the Griffin style, which means they can be nested without the worry of them sticking together.

The beakers are perfect for use in laboratories and other scientific environments, as they offer excellent clarity and chemical resistance. Additionally, they feature raised graduations on the outer surface, allowing for easy and accurate measurement of liquids.

The graduations on these beakers have an interval of 5ml, making it easier to measure precisely the amount of liquid required. The beakers have an outer diameter of 60mm and a height of 62mm, providing ample space to conduct experiments.

One of the best things about the United Scientific BP0100 Beakers is their versatility. They are autoclavable, meaning they can be sterilized using high-pressure steam, making them ideal for almost any laboratory use.

In summary, the United Scientific BP0100 Beakers are an excellent choice for anyone looking for high-quality and durable beakers for use in scientific environments. With their clarity and chemical resistance, they are perfect for a variety of laboratory applications. So why wait? Invest in this pack of 12 beakers and enjoy their convenience and affordability.
 United Scientific BP0100 Beakers, griffin style, polypropylene (pp), 100ml (pk of 12)

Beakers, griffin style, polypropylene (pp), 100ml pk/12