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Beakers, berzelius, tall form, borosilicate glass, 600ml, case of 24

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United Scientific BG1060-600-CASE Beakers are an excellent choice for laboratory and scientific applications. These beakers are made from low-expansion borosilicate glass, which means they are resistant to thermal shock and are less likely to break or crack due to sudden changes in temperature.

With a capacity of 600ml, these beakers are perfect for mixing and measuring liquids during experiments. Each beaker is designed with a tall form and features heavy and uniform wall thickness, which ensures durability and stability. Additionally, the beakers have spouts designed for easy pouring, enabling precise and uniform dispensing of fluids.

The beakers also feature printed graduations on the side, making it easy to read and measure liquid volumes with accuracy. A marking area is also available on the beakers, which allows for clear labeling and identification of the content being measured or mixed.

The United Scientific BG1060-600-CASE Beakers come in a case of 24, making them perfect for laboratory settings or scientific experiments that require multiple beakers. Each case includes beakers with a tolerance of +/- 5%, ensuring consistency in measurements.

These beakers are ideal for a variety of laboratory applications, including testing, research, and experimentation. They are a reliable and durable choice for scientists, chemists, and researchers who require precision and accuracy in their measurements.

In summary, the United Scientific BG1060-600-CASE Beakers are made from high-quality borosilicate glass, have a capacity of 600ml, and include spouts for easy pouring. They also have white printed graduations and a marking area for easy identification of the contents being measured. These beakers are perfect for laboratory and scientific applications that require precision and accuracy.

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 United Scientific BG1060-600-CASE Beakers, berzelius, tall form, borosilicate glass, 600ml, case of 24

Beakers, berzelius, tall form, borosilicate glass, 600ml, case of 24