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Beakers, berzelius, tall form, borosilicate glass, 100ml (pk of 12)

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The United Scientific BG1060-100 Beakers are an essential tool in any laboratory setting. These Berzelius beakers are designed with a tall form and are constructed from low-expansion borosilicate glass, making them highly resistant to temperature changes.

The beakers feature a spout for easy pouring and a heavy and uniform wall thickness for added durability. Additionally, the beakers come with white printed graduations and a marking area, making them ideal for accurate measurement and labeling.

With a capacity of 100ml, these beakers are perfect for a range of applications. Whether you are conducting scientific experiments, mixing chemicals, or preparing solutions, these beakers are sure to meet your needs.

This product comes in a pack of 12, offering a convenient supply for your laboratory needs. The tolerance for the beakers is approximately +/- 5%, making them a reliable and precise tool for any scientific application.

In summary, the United Scientific BG1060-100 Beakers are a high-quality and reliable tool for laboratories in various industries. Their durable borosilicate glass construction, accurate measuring graduations, and easy-to-pour spout make them a must-have for all lab technicians and scientists. With a pack of 12, you will have plenty of beakers to use for all your laboratory needs.

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 United Scientific BG1060-100 Beakers, berzelius, tall form, borosilicate glass, 100ml (pk of 12)

Beakers, berzelius, tall form, borosilicate glass, 100ml (pk of 12)