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Beakers, berzelius, tall form, borosilicate glass, 1000ml, case of 18

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United Scientific BG1060-1000-CASE Beakers - The Ultimate Choice for All Your Laboratory Needs

Are you tired of using low-quality beakers that compromise the accuracy of your experiments? Look no further! United Scientific BG1060-1000-CASE beakers are your answer to high-quality, precise measurements in your laboratory.

Our tall form Berzelius beakers come with a spout and are made from low-expansion borosilicate glass, which makes them durable and resistant to thermal shock. The heavy and uniform wall thickness ensures that there are no hotspots, ensuring accuracy in your results.

The beaded tops provide a secure grip, ensuring the safety of both you and your experiments. Additionally, our beakers come with white printed graduations and a marking area, making it easy for you to read and record the measurements accurately. The graduations have a tolerance level of approximately +/- 5%, ensuring that your measurements are precise every time.

These beakers have a 1000ml capacity with a grad. Range of 100-900ml and a grad. Interval of 50ml, making them perfect for a wide range of laboratory applications. Our beakers come in a case of 18, ensuring that you will always have a reliable and accurate tool at your disposal.

The United Scientific BG1060-1000-CASE Beakers are perfect for chemistry, biology, microbiology, and other related laboratory applications. They are also ideal for use in schools and universities.

In conclusion, the United Scientific BG1060-1000-CASE Beakers are a must-have essential tool for your laboratory. They provide accurate, precise, and durable measurements, making them your ultimate choice for a wide range of experiments. Order your set today and witness the difference in accuracy and quality that our beakers bring to your laboratory.

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 United Scientific BG1060-1000-CASE Beakers, berzelius, tall form, borosilicate glass, 1000ml, case of 18

Beakers, berzelius, tall form, borosilicate glass, 1000ml, case of 18