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Ballistics car with remote trigger

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The United Scientific BLCAR2 Ballistics Car with Remote Trigger is a fascinating scientific tool that showcases the principles of motion and gravity. It comes with a versatile four-wheeled cart that houses a vertical tube with a piston and a spring. The tube is loaded with a ball, and the piston is remotely triggered using a wireless signal.

During the motion of the cart, the piston propels the ball upwards out of the tube, and both the ball and the cart share the same horizontal velocity, which is not impacted by gravity. As a result, when the ball falls back down, it seamlessly lands back in the tube and doesn't get left behind by the cart. The cart also includes a conical rubber catcher to make up for minor trajectory variations.

This Ballistics Car is ideal for teaching students about the independence of horizontal and vertical motions. It can be used in classrooms, science fairs, or even at home to demonstrate how a moving object can project another object upwards without that object losing its horizontal momentum.

The car comes with two sturdy 3/4" steel balls and requires six "AAA" batteries, which are not included in the package. It also includes operating instructions for easy setup and use. The United Scientific BLCAR2 Ballistics Car is a valuable addition to any science enthusiast's collection, and it offers a unique and stimulating way to explore the laws of motion and gravity.

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 United Scientific BLCAR2 Ballistics car with remote trigger (1 each)

Ballistics car with remote trigger