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Atoms, electrons and energy kit

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The United Scientific AEEKIT Atoms, Electrons and Energy Kit is the perfect tool for students and educators to delve into the world of atomic structures and electron arrangement. With materials to represent the arrangement of atoms within elements, this kit helps students understand how atomic placement relates to the periodic table of elements.

Included in the kit is an energy level template, along with enough nuclear areas, orbitals (s,p,d) and electrons to represent the first 36 elements. To aid in visualizing atomic arrangement, each nucleus and orbital is color-coded to match a large periodic chart depicting trends in electron orbital arrangement and electronegativity. Additionally, a large 1st ionization energy chart for these 36 elements is included.

Ten sets of smaller, reusable student manipulatives make this kit particularly suitable for classrooms with around 30 students. These manipulatives allow students to engage more actively with the material and explore concepts in a hands-on way.

As with all scientific equipment, safety is of utmost importance. Please note that this kit includes warnings related to cancer and reproductive harm and encourages careful and proper handling.

Overall, the United Scientific AEEKIT Atoms, Electrons and Energy Kit provides a comprehensive set of materials to teach complex concepts in an accessible and engaging way. Perfect for use in schools, science museums, or anywhere else that learning about atomic structures and electron arrangement is paramount.
 United Scientific AEEKIT Atoms, electrons and energy kit (1 each)

Atoms, electrons and energy kit