ASTM Precision Full Set Thermometers, Celsius, NIST Calibration

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NIST Traceable Certificate of Calibration:
ASTM Number:
#62F to #70F
Temperature Range:
-38 to 155C
Minimum Purchase:
1 unit

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ASTM Precision Full Set Thermometers, Celsius, NIST Calibration

ASTM Full Set Thermometer is a Precision Use application type thermometer with a temperature range of -38°–405°C and the division varies. The thermometer length is This ASTM mercury-filled thermometer is yellow-backed glass with permanently etched graduations and individually packaged in a protective tube. The accuracy is assured by the inspection and testing of samples from each production run, and a thermometer is supplied with a statement of compliance to ASTM E1 and E77 requirements.

NOTE: Please check your state and local ordinances controlling mercury instruments before ordering. Regulations are constantly changing, and Gilson may not be permitted to ship this thermometer to you. These items cannot be exported.


  • Compliant with ASTM E1 and E77 requirements
  • Permanently etched graduations

Comes with a NIST Traceable Certificate of Calibration. The NIST Traceable Certificate of Calibration is a five-point calibration certificate from an ISO/IEC accredited laboratory. This accreditation is your assurance that the calibration is performed in a qualified, controlled lab. The calibration on the glass thermometer is performed using direct comparison in a high-stability liquid bath with a Precision Reference Thermometer (PRT) and Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer (SPRT) and displays. The thermometer is also inspected for cracks and liquid-column separations before testing. Measurements are performed at 5 temperature points.

Material Safety Data Sheet

To prevent fluid column separation, always store Non-Mercury Thermometers vertically, using a storage rack.

Thermometer Well provides protection and thermal stabilization for glass laboratory thermometers used in ovens or other exposed environments.

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Global Gilson MA-450CT ASTM Precision Full Set Thermometers, Celsius, NIST Certificate of Calibration

ASTM Precision Full Set Thermometers, Celsius, NIST Calibration