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Assorted ball set, set of 12

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The United Scientific DBLST12-A Assorted ball set, set of 12 is perfect for those looking for a comprehensive and top-quality collection of balls. This set includes a diverse selection of balls, each with its unique size and material. The set features one each of 25mm diameter drilled aluminum, copper, steel, and wood balls. Additionally, it includes two of 25mm drilled brass balls and two of solid steel balls - one plain and one with suspension lugs.

For larger balls, the set includes a 38mm diameter brass, steel, and copper ball with hooks, as well as a 38mm cork ball. All of the drilled balls feature 3mm countersunk holes, making it easier to recess pendulum cord knots. These balls are perfect for science experiments, physics courses, and even just as a fun game. Children and adults alike will enjoy using this set to learn and explore.

Not only are these balls exceptional for educational purposes, but they are also made of top-quality materials, ensuring they will last. The set is packed in a plastic storage box, making it easy to store and transport. Be aware, however, that this product comes with warnings of Cancer and Reproductive Harm, which can be found at

Overall, the United Scientific DBLST12-A Assorted ball set, set of 12 is an excellent purchase for science enthusiasts, physics students, and individuals who love to learn. It is an exceptional collection that will provide endless hours of entertainment while also educating users on the properties of different materials. Purchase this ball set today and enjoy exploring the world of balls!
 United Scientific DBLST12-A Assorted ball set, set of 12

Assorted ball set, set of 12