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AMS 430.11, 1 1/2" X 12" Nylon Brush

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The AMS 430.11, 1 1/2" X 12" Nylon Brush is the perfect tool for maintaining your sampling equipment. Made with stainless steel and nylon bristles, this brush is designed to effectively clean and remove debris from your equipment without causing any damage.

With a length of 12 inches and a diameter of 1 1/2 inches, this brush is the ideal size for reaching every nook and cranny of your sampling equipment. The stainless steel handle provides a sturdy grip, allowing you to easily maneuver the brush for thorough cleaning.

Whether you are working in a biology laboratory, chemistry lab, or any other scientific setting, this brush is a valuable tool to have on hand. It can be used to clean a variety of equipment including test tubes, volumetric flasks, graduated cylinders, and more.

Not only does the AMS 430.11 brush effectively remove debris, but it is also durable and long-lasting. The nylon bristles are strong and resistant to wear, ensuring that the brush will remain in excellent condition even after repeated use.

The AMS 430.11 brush is also easy to clean itself. Simply rinse it with water and allow it to air dry after each use to maintain its integrity and effectiveness.

In addition to its practical uses, this brush is also a great investment for any laboratory or scientific facility. It is competitively priced, making it an affordable option for individuals and organizations alike.

Overall, the AMS 430.11, 1 1/2" X 12" Nylon Brush is a high-quality, versatile tool that will help you keep your sampling equipment in optimal condition. Its stainless steel and nylon construction, along with its durability and competitive pricing, make it a must-have for any laboratory or scientific setting.

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 AMS 430.11, 1 1/2" X 12" Nylon Brush

AMS 430.11, 1 1/2" X 12" Nylon Brush