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AMS 209.71 Basic Soil Sampling Mini Kit, 3 1/4in x 3ft

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The AMS 209.71 Basic Soil Sampling Mini Kit is the ideal solution for anyone who needs to conduct basic sampling of regular to heavy clay soils. This compact and portable kit includes everything you need to efficiently collect soil samples.

The kit comes with two augers - one regular auger and one mud auger - allowing you to choose the best option for the specific soil conditions you are working with. The regular auger measures either 2-1/4" or 3-1/4" in diameter, giving you versatility in your sampling. Along with the augers, the kit includes four extensions, each measuring either 3' or 4', allowing you to reach deeper into the soil.

To ensure comfortable and secure handling, the kit includes an 18" rubber-coated cross handle. This handle provides a sturdy grip and minimizes fatigue during the sampling process. Additionally, the kit comes with a flexible poly-canvas case that makes transportation and storage a breeze. You can easily carry the kit to different sampling locations, keeping all the components organized and protected.

When it comes to connecting the various components of the kit, you have multiple options. You can choose between 5/8" thread, Signature Series thread, quick connect, or hex quick pin connection types. This flexibility ensures compatibility with different equipment and simplifies the assembly of the kit.

Please note that if you prefer a stainless steel kit, we offer an alternative option. You can find our stainless steel mini kit by following the link provided. The stainless steel kit, SKU V005.209.72, offers the same functionality and convenience, but with the added durability and corrosion resistance of stainless steel.

With the AMS 209.71 Basic Soil Sampling Mini Kit, you have all the essential tools at your disposal to effectively collect soil samples. Whether you are conducting research, assessing soil quality, or planning construction projects, this kit will help you achieve accurate and reliable results.
 AMS 209.71 Basic Soil Sampling Mini Kit, 3 1/4in x 3ft

AMS 209.71 Basic Soil Sampling Mini Kit, 3 1/4in x 3ft