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50 mm demonstration lens set, acrylic

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The United Scientific LSTA50 50 mm demonstration lens set is an essential tool for any classroom or laboratory setting. This set contains six high-quality acrylic lenses that allow for clear and precise demonstration of fundamental concepts in optics. Each lens in this set is expertly crafted from premium-grade materials, producing impressive visual clarity that captures even the slightest details.

This set of lenses includes one each of double convex, plano-convex, concavo-convex, double concave, plano-concave, and convexo-concave lenses. Each of these lenses has its unique focal length, allowing for a range of experimentation and exploration of the principles of light and optics. The versatility of the set is ideal for both introductory and advanced optical experiments, making it suitable for various levels of education and scientific research.

The United Scientific LSTA50 50 mm demonstration lens set is designed to enhance learning while providing an enjoyable and interactive experience for students of all ages and levels. The lenses are easy to use; their efficient size/length ratios make them lightweight and simple to maneuver, even for young learners. The lenses' high-quality acrylic material provides them with durability and longevity, ensuring continued use and reuse for years.

To further amplify learning opportunities, the set comes with an activity guide, a valuable resource for both educators and students. The guide offers a comprehensive explanation of each of the lenses' properties' uses and suggestions for various experiments and applications. Additionally, it also features ideas for collaborative group projects that promote teamwork, exploration, and innovation.

The United Scientific LSTA50 50 mm demonstration lens set comes packaged with a reusable cardboard storage box for easy handling and storage, ensuring that the lenses remain safe and in pristine condition for future use. This product is an excellent investment, providing quality and practicality that is bound to surpass expectations. Overall, this lens set is a must-have for anyone looking to give students a clear visual representation of the concepts in optics.
 United Scientific LSTA50 50 mm demonstration lens set, acrylic

50 mm demonstration lens set, acrylic