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3in X 1000ft Lead Hazard - 3 Color (8 rolls)

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The Mutual Industries 17769-1-3000 is a 3 inch by 1000 feet lead hazard tape that has three distinct colors to help people identify the areas that may be hazardous. This hard-wearing and brightly colored tape helps to prevent accidents and mishaps by clearly marking areas where there may be a danger or a hazard present.

The product features three overlapping colors, which are black, yellow, and red. These colors create a highly visible and unmistakable hazard warning that can be seen from a distance. The tape is made from high-quality materials that ensure its durability and longevity when exposed to different weather conditions.

The tape is easy to install and can be used in a wide range of settings, including construction sites, industrial work areas, and factories and warehouses. The bright and bold colors help to grab attention and provide an immediate alert to the potential hazards, helping to keep both workers and visitors safe.

The Mutual Industries 17769-1-3000 follows important safety protocols and regulatory guidelines such as OSHA. The durable and tough construction of the tape makes it an ideal choice for outdoor or indoor use in harsh working environments. By using this safety-checked tape, employers can show their commitment to providing a safe and secure working environment to their employees.

In summary, the Mutual Industries 17769-1-3000 3in X 1000ft Lead Hazard - 3 Color is a vital safety accessory that can be used to warn of hazards in industrial or construction facilities. With its bright colors and long-lasting durability, it is an essential tool for any workplace health and safety plan. Stay safe and informed by using our safety marking tape.
 Mutual Industries 17769-1-3000 3in X 1000ft Lead Hazard - 3 Color

3in X 1000ft Lead Hazard - 3 Color (8 rolls)