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10ml Mohr Type Measuring Pipette, Orange

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10ml Mohr Type Measuring Pipette, Orange

Mohr type Measuring Pipettes are used to transfer a measured volume of a liquid. Measuring Pipettes are color-coded by size and calibrated to deliver at 20C. Permanent markings start with zero at the top, and the mouth end of sizes 5ml and larger is reduced in diameter for smooth operation.


  • Color coding by size for easy identification and organization
  • Convenient marking starts at zero
  • Reduced mouth end at the top for ease of use

Capacity 10mL

Color Code Orange

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The 10ml Mohr Type Measuring Pipette in Orange is an essential tool for any laboratory or scientific setting. Designed to transfer a precise volume of liquid, this measuring pipette is reliable and efficient.

One of the standout features of this measuring pipette is the color-coded design. With the bright orange color, it is easy to identify and organize among other laboratory equipment. Whether you are working alone or in a team, the color coding ensures that you can quickly locate the pipette you need, saving you time and improving workflow.

Another convenient feature is the permanent marking on the pipette. Starting at zero at the top, these markings allow for accurate and precise measurements. You can trust the reliability of these markings as the pipette is calibrated to deliver at 20C. This ensures that you can achieve consistent and accurate results every time you use this measuring pipette.

Furthermore, the mouth end of the measuring pipette is reduced in diameter for smooth operation. This design feature enhances ease of use, making it comfortable to hold and control while transferring liquid. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, this measuring pipette is designed to make the task effortless.

With a capacity of 10ml, this measuring pipette is suitable for a range of applications. Whether you are measuring small or large volumes of liquid, this pipette can handle the task efficiently.

Considering its features and versatility, the 10ml Mohr Type Measuring Pipette in Orange is an indispensable tool for precise liquid measurements. It is durable, reliable, and designed for ease of use. Whether you are working in a laboratory, educational institution, or research facility, this measuring pipette is a must-have tool in your collection.

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Invest in the 10ml Mohr Type Measuring Pipette in Orange and experience the convenience and accuracy it brings to your scientific experiments and analyses.

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Gilson Company 10ml Mohr Type Measuring Pipette, Orange

10ml Mohr Type Measuring Pipette, Orange