Pipette starter kit


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The United Scientific PVVKIT Pipette Starter Kit is an essential tool for anyone working in a laboratory. Designed to provide you with all the necessary equipment to begin your pipetting experiments, this kit includes three variable volume micropipettes, ranging from 2-20 microliters to 100-1000 microliters. The kit also includes two sets of replacement micropipette tips, one set with a volume of 200 microliters, and the other with a volume of 1000 microliters. With this kit, you can easily measure and transfer liquids quickly and precisely.

The PVV-20 micropipette comes with a volume adjustment indicator, making it easy to select the desired volume. Similarly, the PVV-1000 micropipette provides accurate and precise measurements. Both are easy to operate, reducing the chance of human error. The kit also includes a set of replacement micro-pipette tips, made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and reliability.

In addition to the micropipettes, this kit comes with a guide to pipetting, which provides helpful tips and detailed instructions for using the micropipettes correctly. The guide also includes information on how to maintain and care for the micropipettes, ensuring their longevity.

Overall, the United Scientific PVVKIT Pipette Starter Kit is an affordable and comprehensive option for those just starting in the field of pipetting. It contains all the necessary tools to perform accurate and efficient experiments and is suitable for a variety of applications, making it a must-have for any laboratory setup. Invest in this kit and take your pipetting experiments to the next level.
 United Scientific PVVKIT Pipette starter kit

Pipette starter kit