Economy magnet kit (2/kits)


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The United Scientific MGTKIT Economy magnet kit is a comprehensive and affordable solution for teaching the principles and basics of magnetism. This kit includes a broad range of magnets and accessories to facilitate a variety of educational experiments. The package comes with a reusable storage box and an activity guide containing 17 experiments, making it easy to store and access all of the kit's components.

The kit's wide selection of magnets includes a steel horseshoe magnet, three ceramic donut magnets, two ceramic bar magnets, and a lodestone. Additionally, the kit includes metal squares made of iron, copper, aluminum, and zinc, and two magnetic compasses for further experimentation. This breadth of materials provides a wealth of educational opportunities that can cater to both individuals and groups, from high school students to university-level researchers.

The included activity guide is designed to facilitate easy learning and features several experiments that can be performed with the kit's materials. The guide provides step-by-step instructions for conducting various experiments, from understanding magnetic fields to measuring magnetic forces and mapping magnetic fields. Each experiment is explained in detail, allowing students and educators to quickly grasp the concepts and associated principles.

It's essential to note that the United Scientific MGTKIT Economy magnet kit comes with several warnings, including the potential for cancer and reproductive harm associated with the materials used. Nonetheless, it's an excellent tool to introduce children and teens to the basics of magnetism and encourage scientific curiosity and growth.

In conclusion, the United Scientific MGTKIT Economy magnet kit is a cost-effective solution for anyone interested in experimenting with magnetism. Whether you're an educator in need of a supplementary tool or a parent searching for an engaging and educational activity for your child, this kit is an excellent addition to any home or classroom.
 United Scientific MGTKIT Economy magnet kit

Economy magnet kit (2/kits)