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By United Scientific is a set of six essential filtering components designed to simplify laboratory filtration processes. The kit includes a vacuum hand pump, filter flask, Buchner funnel, filter paper, rubber stopper, and an adapter.

Quality Components

Each component of the United Scientific Filtering Kit is made with high-grade materials, ensuring top-quality performance and longevity. The vacuum hand pump provides consistent suction pressure, while the filter flask is designed to withstand thermal shock. The Buchner funnel has a sturdy design, which can endure both solvents and vigorous washing. The filter paper is highest-grade and can capture fine particles up to 2 microns.

Easy to Clean

The United Scientific Filtering Kit is straightforward to clean due to its high-quality components. The Buchner funnel is easy to disassemble and requires minimal effort to clean. Additionally, the filter paper is easy to remove and discard, providing quick and efficient filtration.

Multi-Purpose Usage

The United Scientific Filtering Kit's vacuum hand pump can be used to filter various types of liquids, including solvents, acids, and bases. The kit's compact design makes it easy to store, and it can be used in multiple laboratory locations or taken on-the-go. Whether you are filtering samples for particle analysis, cell separation, or DNA extraction, the United Scientific Filtering Kit has you covered.

Benefits to Users

Investing in the United Scientific Filtering Kit provides laboratory users with numerous benefits. Its high-quality components, easy-to-clean design, and multi-purpose usage make it an essential tool for any laboratory. The kit is also an affordable option, saving users valuable time and money spent on filtering components. The United Scientific Filtering Kit ultimately makes laboratory filtration processes seamless and efficient, allowing users to streamline their workflows and increase productivity.

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 United Scientific FLTKIT Filtering kit

Filtering kit