Beakers, low form, borosilicate glass, 5000ml, case of 4


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The United Scientific BG1000-5000-CASE Beakers are the ideal laboratory equipment for any scientist or researcher looking for high-quality, low form beakers. Made from low-expansion borosilicate glass, these beakers offer heavy and uniform wall thickness, spouts designed for easy pouring, beaded tops, and a double graduated metric scale and marking area for beakers of 20ml and larger sizes.

With a tolerance of approximately +/- 5%, these beakers are highly accurate and offer precise measurements and volumes for any type of experiment. The capacity for each beaker is an impressive 5000ml, with a grad range of 1000-4000ml and a grad interval of 500ml.

These beakers offer excellent heat resistance, making them ideal for use in high-temperature environments such as boiling liquids or autoclaving. Unlike other glass beakers, these low form beakers will not shatter or crack under extreme temperature fluctuations.

These beakers are sold in cases of four, making it easy for scientists and researchers to have a set of reliable, high-quality beakers on hand for all of their experiments and projects. The cases provide easy storage and portability, ensuring that these beakers are always within reach when needed.

Overall, they are a great addition to any laboratory, offering exceptional quality and value. The United Scientific BG1000-5000-CASE Beakers are a must-have for any laboratory setting, allowing researchers to conduct experiments with confidence, precision, and accuracy.

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 United Scientific BG1000-5000-CASE Beakers, low form, borosilicate glass, 5000ml, case of 4

Beakers, low form, borosilicate glass, 5000ml, case of 4